Monday, September 5, 2011

Frugal Living and a Giveaway

I have recently taken it upon myself to learn all I can about frugal living. I already spend lots of my time frequenting thrift shops - I would much rather spend my money there than at the local shopping mall or department stores. I'm learning to preserve foods by canning and freezing, and I'm clipping coupons, organizing them in a binder. A HUGE help to me has been Stacy at stacymakescents. Stacy is the Queen of frugal living and is ever willing to share her hints and ideas. She has weekly giveaways, and this week I am proud to be a giveaway sponsor. So skip on over there and check it out (no international entries, only US please). The prize? Remember this?....


Rebecca said...

Loved this post, Miss M! I've found that shopping 2nd hand brings me great joy, too. My motto is that when I bring two bags home I must send three bags out. I no longer do garage sales myself but opt to donate what we don't need or want anymore to GoodWill or other charities. Whenever I clear out I take a huge breathe and feel alive again! Can't handle clutter!

Love to you~


Little Birdie Blessings said...

I do remember that Melissa. Thanks for the link to the frugal site, I'm off to check it out. ~Abby

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Melissa,
Since hubby is self-employeed in the real estate business...we are at the point that there is no "shopping" for awhile. I have enjoyed shopping at thrift stores,garage sales, etc for years!! Love to find bargins.

Anonymous said...

I agree..... I am in the market for a couple of bedroom dressers & I am keeping my eyes open for them at a yard sale etc. I know I will find one or two!!
I just can't bring myself to buy new from a big box store!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa... this was my very first visit to your lovely blog... found you via Wendy at Bliss Angels. I am delighted to have found you! I especially like your post about frugal living; I'm heading in that same direction and totally agree with your comment about giving your business to the thrift shoppes. I am now your newest follower and will be back often! :) mercedes