Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White roses and old silver

Isn't this gorgeous? I found a wonderful artist, Han, on ebay. I love his work. He does custom work, too. I wanted a still life with white roses and old silver. I am so happy with it, just had to share!


Anonymous said...

WOW...Almost looks like a photo!!

Marydon Ford said...

I actually thought it was a live setting until I looked closer ... what a wonderful artist capturing all so beautifully.

Sorry about missing you but the painting is done at home & still working on the other house ... a couple weeks of painting & decorating to go ... love it!
Hugs, Marydon

June said...

OMG!!! Melissa I love his art. What a beautiful he has painted for you. Two of my favorite things...silver and roses!

stephanie said...


Martha said...

What a beautiful painting. It is absolutely perfection!

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is just beautiful! Perfection is right!

Rita said...

roses and silver are my preferred combination and your painting is amazing beyond words. looks so natural that at a first glance I thought it was a photo. great artist, inspiring post

The Victorian Parlor said...

The painting is amazing! I thought it was a photo at first glance!



Queenie said...

That is so pretty Melissa! It's so fun to find something like this online!
Hope you have a great week sweetie.
Big Hugs,

Kathleen said...

He really got the gleam of the silver perfect. And those white roses, ah........ You lucky lady! Hugs, Kathleen

solomi558 said...

I put my silver away , no time to clean it ,I spend time ,blogging , I,m a patch,.quilter . and after seeing beautiful tags I,ll never buy another commercial gift tag , I,m going to make my own .